Air Quality Resources

Air quality resources

If your school or college is interested in carrying out an air quality investigation please contact to find out if you are eligible to participate in our Clean Air Project. 

If you are looking to share the concerns about air pollution with pupils, here are lots of ideas on how to keep the air around your school clean.

Air Quality Story Books: Click on these links to download our new story books focused on the air quality benefits of travelling actively to school. The KS1 book, A Wild Walk to School, focuses on how active travel enables time on the school run to be spent looking at nature during your journey whilst the KS2 book, A Right Royal Adventure!, focuses on the history of air quality and how we can influence the future.

For some useful resources and fun ideas of how to get your pupils thinking about air quality why not download one of these activities that you could even use as part of a clean air picnic in the local playing field or on your school grounds.

Primary School resources:

These resources have been put together specifically for the Clean Air Scooter Challenge, but are available to all:

Secondary School resources:

New 'no idling' banners are now available. Contact if you would like us to send you one.

This year Clean Air Day will be held on 17 June 2021.      

Free primary and secondary school Clean Air Day 2020 packs are still available to download from our Clean Air Day page. We are in the process of developing the 2021 resources.